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Managementof acute overdosage with sinemet retard is the same as management of acuteoverdosage with levodopa.

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Patients taking SINEMET alone atrovent nome generico e comercial or with other dopaminergic drugs have reported suddenly falling asleep without prior warning of sleepiness while engaged in activities of daily livingincludes operation of motor vehiclesRoad traffic accidents attributed to sudden sleep onset have been reportedAlthough many patients reported somnolence while on dopaminergic medicationsthere have been reports of road traffic accidents attributed to sudden onset of sleep in which the patient did not perceive any warning signssuch as excessive drowsinessand believed that they were alert immediately prior to the eventSudden onset of sleep has been reported to occur as long as one year after the initiation of treatment.

Since levodopa competes with certain amino acids for transport across the gut wallthe absorption of levodopa may be impaired in some patients on a high protein diet.

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